Horse rescued from Maury County sinkhole


MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. – A sinkhole that swallowed a horse overnight ended in a safe rescue in Maury County.

While taking her kids to school on Tuesday morning, Hannah Woody says she noticed a six foot hole had formed in her field. But never in her wildest dreams did she suspect it was big enough to completely hide her 15-year-old horse, Misty.

“I noticed two little ears just barely popping out,” Woody said. “My kids were in the car, we were late for school. Of course, and I’m like what do I do first? Thank goodness she was calm, she even perked her ears up like ‘hey, can you get me out?'”

After calling the Maury County Fire Department, firefighters were able to come up with a plan to excavate a ramp for Misty to walk out on her own.

“The idea was if we could get like a ramp almost out of the sinkhole that she could just climb out and walk on her own. But she was lodged in, her back legs were all the way to her hips in the hole,” Woody said.

And while it took some time for her to wiggle herself out from the back end, eventually an exhausted Misty was returned safely to her barn within an hour.

“It was a big production, but we got her out and I think she’s going to be okay,” Woody said.

After a check by the veterinarian and a warm bath today, Misty appeared to only have a scratch on her back leg.

Woody says she wants this to serve as a warning for sinkholes. She says you never know how quickly they could form, or how dangerous they could become.

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