Homeowner hopes to be proactive about crime around Murfreesboro apartments

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Folks in a neighborhood surrounding an apartment complex where a man interrupted a car break-in and was shot are concerned about other criminal activity that has taken place there.

A homeowner is hoping to take a proactive approach to help the neighborhood get back to what it used to be.

It’s a neighborhood that’s continues blossom.

“Ranch-style homes, modesty,” said homeowner Molly Patton. “Folks that live there live there for a very long time.”

It’s also an established neighborhood where people are proud to fly Ole Glory.

“It’s kind of in the heart of Murfreesboro,” Patton said.

But it’s also where some residents say has a problem.

“We’ve seen ongoing concerns with residents living there, drag racing up the street, some unsavory individuals that have some questionable activity coming and going from there,” explained Patton.

Early Wednesday morning, residents woke up to a barrage of gunfire. Two brothers at the Tremont Apartments interrupted a car burglary, and one of them was shot multiple times.

“At the end of the day, I don’t feel safe with my kids playing in the front yard, so I ask them to go to the backyard and play,” the concerned mother said. “As a homeowner, that’s disconcerting to, you know, not feel safe for your children to be in the front yard.”

It is just the latest criminal activity neighbors say has happened at Tremont.

News 2 did some digging and according to Crime Mapping, there have been several incidents over the past seven days in the area, including an assault to breaking and entering.

Another resident who didn’t want to be identified told News 2 he’s not worried or concerned about what goes on at those apartments. He said he keeps to himself and doesn’t bother anyone.

Patton has been living in her home for 14 years and said she will not just sit back and do nothing.

“As a citizen, it’s important for me to be active and have a plan rather than just complain about it,” she said.

She plans to talk to police about starting a neighborhood watch and reach out to her city council representative. Moving will be her last resort.

“No one wants to leave their home because they are fearful. I’m not to that point,” said Patton.

News 2 reached out to the management at the apartment complex to respond to the complaints and was told they would pass our contact information on to the owners.

As of news time, we hadn’t heard back from them.

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