Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The Nashville Sounds roster is full of talent from across the country, but look closely and you’ll find two pitchers that call Tennessee home.

Rex Brothers is a Shelbyville native and played his college ball at Lipscomb.

“It’s very surreal. I remember going to games as a kid at Greer Stadium, a lot of good memories there.”

And then there is Ethan Small, born in Jackson, not too far from Music City.

“So far my pro career has kind of a breeze compared to some. I played college ball in Mississippi and now Tennessee, where I live only 40 minutes from here.

Both are playing ball in their own backyard, but in much different parts of their careers. Brothers was born in 1987 and has already spent time in the big leagues.

“At this stage you’re either going up or you’ve been there and you’re back down,” said Brothers. “I try to get these guys to understand, you need to play for the little leaguer in you.”

Small was born ten years later, and is still working hard to get there.

“I would say the biggest takeaways are being far back and watching what they do. That’s how I develop my routine, picking things I like and don’t like.

These two lefties continue to learn every day, and both know what it will take to reach the mound in Milwaukee.

“I’d say just to be a good professional and be consistent. Try to be the same guy out there every night,” added Brothers.

Small, who was named April’s International League’s ‘Player of the Month,’ is hoping his first call-up will happen this season.

“For me right now, it’s going out there and performing at to the best of my ability every night. I like to sit back and watch the veterans. That’s how you learn, picking up thing that I like or don’t like,” said Small.

Eventually these two teammates will see their paths will move in different directions, but right now Brothers and Small are enjoying the similarities, soaking up every minute of that Southern hospitality they know so well.

“Being in the South, being around like minded people, it’s great,” said Small.