NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The survivor of a horrific hit-and-run accident on Interstate 440 is pleading for anyone who witnessed the crash to come forward.

Amy Keyser said it’s a miracle she walked away from the crash with only a few broken bones.

“It is hard to breathe, especially with the rib pain,” she said.

With the majority of her ribs broken, a broken sternum and shoulder blade, a bruised spleen, and partially collapsed lung, Keyser told News 2 about her last seconds before she blacked out Sunday night.

“I just saw lights come out of nowhere,” she recalled. “I looked up and there was just this truck [that] came out of nowhere and just slammed into the back of me and that is the last thing that I remember.”

Keyser was hit from behind around 9 p.m. Sunday while driving 440 West bound near the 65 split.

“From what I’m told, I literally flew across the interstate. My car was split in two and I hit two different cars on 440 East, so I flew into oncoming traffic.”

Her Honda was left in two pieces and the back part slammed into a wall.

“Whoever hit me, he was going so fast and his car was so big that my car was split in two,” said Keyser.

Her seat is basically the only part of the car left.

“I would not be here without my seat belt,” she said.

While she is lucky to be here, the suspect that plowed into her is nowhere to be found.

“That is the craziest part of me is that somebody could just leave me like that. I don’t know what kind of person can do that. It’s truly is a miracle that I’m here.”

Keyser hopes to make a full recovery over the next two months.

She believes the suspect may have been driving a dark colored truck.

If you have any information on the case call our partners at Crime Stoppers 615-74-CRIME.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family.