‘He’s a monster, he’s a monster’: Father of Antioch stabbing victims describes brutal attack


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A heartbroken father forced to live a nightmare after his children and ex-wife were brutally stabbed.

Lewis Taylor’s son was stabbed to death and his daughter is fighting for life at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Police say their mother’s ex Jermaine Agee is to blame.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare,” Lewis cried.

Like most nightmares, he says this one includes a monster.

“He’s a monster…he’s a monster,” the father sobbed.

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The horrific turn of events Monday night is hard for the father to comprehend.

“The monster busted through the backdoor and went straight for my son first, he was in the basement and he stabbed my son. Then (he) went upstairs busted in her room stabbed her 5 times. my ex-wife came out and that’s when he got them all to the living room and made them sit down.”

As they sat on the couch, Taylor’s 13-year-old son Jayden was fighting for his life.

“My daughter said she saw my son moving to try to gasp for air and the monster…and the monster beat him on the head a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t alive,” said Lewis as he gasped for breath.

Agee then told the family “someone is going to die,” according to police. That’s when Lewis says Agee tried to get the wounded mother to kill her 8-year-old daughter.

“He wanted her to stab her to death and then my daughter told him she was too young to get killed and he kept pressing, every time she wouldn’t he would hit my ex upside the head, he would punch her in the head…the monster, he’s a monster.”

The father went on to say that his teenage daughter, Alexis wrestled the knife away from Agee and that’s ultimately what freed the family to escape the home.

“I think if my daughter wouldn’t have grabbed the knife and my ex-wife wouldn’t have escaped the house he was going to make her kill her, he was going to make her kill her daughter…my baby. How can you beat and stab kids? They are kids. How can you beat and stab kids? I don’t know. Only a monster could do that, only a monster,” he said.

Lewis, who is a former Metro police officer says Agee will pay for his actions.

“He needs to get what’s coming to him. I know all he’s going to get is jail time, but he needs to get what’s coming to him. He needs to feel the pain they felt, the pain when he stabbed my son and punched him in the head afterwards, he needs to feel that pain.”

While his daughter Alexis is in critical condition, she is making significant progress. The Cane Ridge High School Junior, a cheerleader is walking today, fighting to make a complete physical recovery.

Sadly, her 13-year-old brother Jayden already lost his battle Monday morning.

“He was happy, he liked to watch sports, liked to play sports. He was always calling me, wanted to go four wheeling, you know go out shoot guns,” the father explained.

Tuesday a basketball in Jayden’s honor, along with flowers, candles, and gifts make up a memorial outside of the home where the nightmare unfolded. The family says in addition to prayers, they could use some financial help as they try to grasp their new reality. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help, for more click here.

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