HERMITAGE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A cat lost its leg in surgery Monday after someone shot it with a pellet gun and his owner is offering reward money for information leading to the person responsible.

Kathy Floyd was in absolute shock to find out her 3-year-old indoor cat, Milo, had been shot Sunday morning.

“I, I just yelled, ‘Shot?!’ ’cause that’s what the vet said, ‘He’s been shot,” Floyd explained. “I knew something was immediately wrong, I knew it, but I thought, I didn’t know what exactly had happened to his leg I thought he got tangled up or something happened and it was broke. Never in a million years did I suspect he was shot.”

Sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, Milo ventured out the doggy door of her home on Mercer and Belgium Drive. Floyd awoke in the morning, not to the usual snuggles, but instead she found Milo lying under his cat stand injured.

“He got himself home,” Floyd said in awe. “He climbed probably three fences, and climbed into the kitchen, into his cat stand, and laid there to go to sleep and wait for me.”

She rushed him to the vet where an X-ray revealed one metal pellet lodged in his side and another completely shattered in his leg.

“Two veterinarians actually looked at his X-ray and said, ‘He needs to have his leg amputated,'” she said.

Milo spent all day Monday in surgery having his leg removed. The vet said there was serious tissue damage.

“He is an inside cat who accidentally got out and the one time he did, somebody used him as target practice,” Floyd said. “I rescue animals, and it’s an innocent animal that did not deserve this… he didn’t hurt anybody.”

Floyd runs her own nonprofit Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee and is offering a $300 dollar reward for any information leading to the person behind the pellet gun. She said others in the neighborhood are offering to help raise the reward, as well.

“Because pets are property… it’s vandalism, and I have filed a police report,” she explained. “If we can prove and find out who this [is] for sure, I’m going to prosecute. I am not going to rest until I find out who did this.”

Floyd has already racked up more than $1,000 dollars in vet bills. She’s hoping that whoever did this will be caught and pay for what they’ve done.

Anyone with information can contact the police or email Floyd ktfloyd01@gmail.com.