Henry the Rescue Dog inducted into the Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame

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A local rescue dog was inducted into the Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame on Tuesday after he put his paws into action when his owner was injured. 

Henry, a rescued mixed-breed, was honored with the prestigious award by the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association.

Henry was a stray until the day he met his owners Jean Amore and Jim Beardslee, of Columbia, and decided to follow them home. 

After a trip to the vet, they learned Henry was around 4 1/2 years old and had little-to-no socialization before he was adopted. He had always been a stray, and his parents were likely strays, too. 

Jean and Jim worked with Henry extensively, but say he can still be a little “nervous, shaky and apprehensive” sometimes. 

That wasn’t the case the day Jim got into trouble — Henry did everything he could to get him some help. 

Henry and Jim were on a run one day when Jim jumped into a ditch, landed incorrectly and broke his leg. The place where Jim fell was off the main path and not visible to traffic. 

When a car drove by, Henry started barking furiously and running circles around the vehicle — but it didn’t stop. 

When he spotted a group of people walking nearby, Henry shook loose and ran toward them — barking and barking until they followed him back to Jim and called 911. 

Henry saved the day! Now that is one VERY GOOD BOY! 

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