HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Halloween is Sunday — a night when thousands of trick-or-treaters will be going door to door. It’s a good time for children and families, but it is also a potentially unhealthy enticement for those with sexually deviant behavior.

In Hendersonville, to keep children safe, the police have already been proactively patrolling homes of registered sex offenders.

Hendersonville Police are responsible for monitoring about 27 sex offenders throughout the city.

Commander Scott Ryan of the Hendersonville Police Department showed News 2 a public website that documents sex offenders in Hendersonville. Each location is marked by a red pushpin or a tiny house icon that represents where the person resides.

For the last two weeks, Commander Ryan says Hendersonville Police have been actively patrolling these locations looking for violations.

“We know in the past, Halloween is a time when predators can be out there and there is a smorgasbord of victims to choose from,” Commander Ryan said.

According to Commander Ryan, there are a lot of rules for Tennessee sex offenders when it comes to Halloween.

Offenders cannot:

  • Decorate
  • Hand out candy
  • Have their porch lights on
  • Socialize with trick or treaters

“We are monitoring as an agency about 27 sex offenders. There are more out there that live in our jurisdiction, like 40. And we will constantly have our patrol forces do drive-bys to make sure they are in compliance well before Halloween gets here,” said Commander Ryan. “If they can’t control their compulsions, to whatever it is they desire, we are not just dealing with crime, we are dealing with evil, and we will put our foot down on that, and we will do whatever we need to do to make that happen.”

Hendersonville Police suggest using a crime-fighting website like crimereports.com to see where the sex offenders live in your neighborhood and then plan your trick-or-treat route around those places.