Hendersonville police arrest 6 teens after shots fired in drug deal gone bad


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville Police arrested six teenagers connected to a drug deal gone bad and at least one shot fired in a quiet lakeside community.

Police call it one of the most dangerous and ludicrous cases they’ve worked in many years.

The crime took place early Sunday morning in the Cumberland Drive and Lakeview Drive communities. The incident involved three groups of teens, two guns, some pot, and some cheap cigarettes.

“This is crazy. We live in a world where weed is more available than cigarillos and people are willing to die for a trade-off of weed vs cigarillos,” said Commander Scott Ryan.

According to Commander Ryan, Karreon Carey, Marcus McCord and two of their buddies came to the upscale neighborhood to get some pot.

Not with money. But through trade.

Cigarillo cigarettes for marijuana.

“That is 100 percent accurate based on what we know and that is ridiculous,” said Commander Ryan.

According to investigators, things boiled over when two of the teens approached the house. The teens were carrying a realistic-looking airsoft gun.

By chance, another teenager also in the neighborhood to buy drugs saw the airsoft pistol in one of the teen’s waistbands. He got nervous and fired a single shot from his .45 into the air.

“You can’t tell the difference at night. Someone walks up to you and puts a hand on a gun like that and we had a person there also to buy weed in this residential area, he thought he was being set up for a robbery, so he fired a shot in the air to discourage anyone from robbing him,” said Ryan.

Everyone fled, and police say, in the confusion, one of the teenagers who had been selling the pot from the house was pistol-whipped.

“I can’t imagine why anyone would be willing to die for a couple of grams of weed or cigarillos or risk criminal arrest for such things. This is one of the more ludicrous situations I have seen where everyone is willing to get violent and hurt people over a couple of grams of weed.”

So far, six of the eight teens have been charged with various crimes including aggravated assault.

According to Police, two of the three people inside the residence were charged in connection with the incident.

Police also say, so far, the 19-year-old who fired the single shot into the air has not been charged.

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