Hendersonville auto shop owner tells would be car thieves to get a job


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville Police are on the lookout for a couple of brazen would be auto thieves who attempted to steal a unique Porsche.

It goes down Tuesday afternoon as two young men attempt to steal the high-performance vehicle from Brian’s Motorsports on West Main Street.

Custom auto shop owner Brian Hayes tells News 2, “If this guy needed something, I’d give him my shirt, that is the way I was raised.”

The Hendersonville businessman calls the midafternoon car burglaries in front of dozens of customers and workers very brazen.

“Real brazen. I saw a guy in a silver car out back, in the gravel parking lot.”

Hayes is talking about car burglars who got into his wife’s unlocked Porsche Macan and stole her keys.

The 47-year-old husband and father of three says his wife parked her Miami Blue SUV on the side of their shop. She left her keys in the car and the vehicle unlocked. It was there just a few moments before high-def video shows the two thieves pull up and enter the sports car.

“Yeah, not once, but twice he [the thief] got in the car and tried to take it,” Hayes says.

According to Hendersonville, the duo have practically no fear as they pull behind Hayes’ shop driving a Nissan SUV stolen out Nashville on July 30. They tug open truck doors and rifle through the vehicles without concern.

“They were scoping out the cars when they came in. They started making entry into the cars that were open,” said Hendersonville Police Sgt. Chris Gagnon, “There was nothing taken out of the vehicles out back. It appears they were trying to snag keys to steal another vehicle, and all intentions indicate they were trying to steal the Porsche on the way out and got spooked and ran.”

Video shows the duo parking their stolen SUV next to the Porsche. One of the men opens the sports car door, gets in and rummages around.

After a moment or two, with people approaching, the man exits the Porsche and climbs back in the Nissan SUV and the duo drive away, but only for a minute.

Later in the video, you see the Nissan back up, and park next to the Porsche. The driver gets out of the Nissan, and then enters the Porsche with the keys stolen earlier.

After spending less than ten seconds in the car, the man sprints to his Nissan and the car zooms away.

Seconds later, workers with the company approach the car and look through the windows knowing that something is not right.

While the car is not stolen, the thieves do get away with not only the car keys, but keys to the shop and the family’s home.

Hayes’ wife tells News 2 she thinks the would-be thief didn’t know where the ignition was and got nervous when he saw people approaching, so he ran. Hayes says the thought of the thieves with his keys makes him feel violated.

“You wake up at midnight and think ok, who has keys to my car, my shop, my house.”

Hayes tells News 2 he worked hard to create this business, to provide jobs for two dozen people. He had this message for the thieves, still at large.

“You know, this is America. Get up, go to work, and make your own money. That’s what we do every single day here.”

The bad news for the bad guys is they are seen in high-def video for minutes on end, and Hendersonville Police pay crime stopper money for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the bad guys.

If you have any information on this or other cases, you’re asked to contact the Hendersonville Police Department at (615) 264-5303 or Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at (615) 573-5400. Tips can also be submitted via text to 274637 (CRIMES) using keyword TIPHPD.

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