Heartfelt mission comes to fruition with closure of East Nashville restaurant


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An East Nashville restaurant’s mission has come to fruition. The family grill with Kurdish ties is about to close but with a heartfelt goal in mind.

The family may soon give mom and dad a unique retirement gift: the chance to live back home.

Cizar’s Mediterranean Grill is a hot spot in East Nashville. Though its days are numbered, one of its original goals is nearly accomplished.

The restaurant has been serving Nashville for nearly four years.

“This has been one of the most amazing experiences, you know,” explained Moe Dohuky, one of several siblings who helped run Cizar’s.

The restaurant was started by Moe, his sister Sylove, and other siblings as a way to branch out in the community.

“We saw the opportunity and went for it,” Moe told News 2.

“It means everything. I put all my effort and time into this,” added Sylove. “I’m really proud of it.”

The family moved from Kurdistan nearly 20 years ago. Father Abdul and mother Sabrya have visited their large family overseas intermittently.

“Cousins, uncles, aunts–they all live back home,” explained Moe. “And, you know, they’re getting a little older.”

So over the years, Cizar’s has served another goal. Every gyro and salad sale was one step closer to sending mom and dad back to Kurdistan.

Cizar’s lease will soon be up, and closing day is imminent.

“I don’t want it to end,” noted Moe. “I still don’t want it to end.

After four long years, though, part of the mission is complete: Abdul and Sabrya will be heading home, maybe as soon as this summer.

“They’ve taken care of us for all of our lives, so let’s take care of them,” said Moe.

While Cizar’s closing is bittersweet, so, too, is saying bye to mom and dad. The two will be stopping back by the states though from time to time for grandparent duty.

“They have a lot of grandchildren here that are going to stay here, so they’re going to be back and forth,” said Moe. “They’re the most amazing parents we could ever ask for.”

Cizar’s Mediterranean Grill’s last day will be June 30.

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