NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – From handguns to healthcare and even your travel, there are new laws Jan. 1 in Tennessee that may affect you.

For those wanting a concealed handgun carry permit, state lawmakers came up with a less expensive, and what they call “more accessible,” permit.

The current handgun permit stays in place with its $100 fee, while the new one is $65 and allows for more ways, including online, to satisfy training requirements.

One catch is the $100 permit allows for concealed handgun carry on higher education campuses while the $65 permit does not.

Other bills passed during the regular session in 2019 include what’s called a “Right to Shop Act.”

List of Tennessee laws going into effect in 2020

It requires health insurance providers to disclose costs of non-emergency outpatient services.

Another health care law now calls for more transparency in hospital billing practices.

It requires clearer language about specialty healthcare services provided by hospitals.

Other new laws increase penalties for the most dangerous crimes involving elder abuse and a requirement for travel agents to keep customer deposits in a bank account.

Lwmakers were also thinking about fire safety this past session.

Effective January 1st, they created a grant program for volunteer departments the includes help with equipment and training.