‘He made us all better’: Spring Hill remembers Spartan superfan who died just one week after his mom


SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – As COVID-19 continues to claim the lives of Tennesseans, a community came together to honor a Summit High School Spartan superfan in Spring Hill.   

Austin Corbett tragically lost his battle to COVID just one week after his mom.

Although only 24, Austin lived a full life. He was known for being side-by-side the school’s football coach at every game. In addition to his job at Groove Life Silicone Ring factory, you could find him at his mom and dad’s Old School Café or patrolling the halls of Summit High School with his best buddy.   

“We borrowed Coach Kirby’s Gator one day and Austin jumped in and decided he was going to drive and I was going to teach him how to drive. So I taught him how to drive. If we weren’t doing that we were making rounds around the school,” Williamson County school resource officer Brant Pewitt said. “If I was training a new deputy, he’d take them by the hand and teach them how to check doors.” 

Pewitt first met Austin as neighbors when he was 6-years-old. He taught Austin how to drive four-wheelers and went on to become his school resource officer, but he never envisioned Austin would teach him how to live a full life.  

“Just that because somebody here says something about somebody with special needs, it doesn’t mean anything,” Pewitt explained. “And he cared about people and loved people and he made us all better.” 

Austin was also known as a ladies man. Coach Brian Burnham remembers asking him just how many girlfriends he had.  

“And he responded 22,000,” Burnham said. “I said ‘Austin, you don’t know 22,000 people.’” 

High School friend Morgan Miller remembered countless meals at Olive Garden together and Austin waiting up for her one night until she safely made it home from college.   

“Any girl that he saw walking by, he took an interest in them and always wanted them to be a part of his life and show his heart towards them,” Miller said. 

The main takeaway from Sunday’s memorial is we should all live a little more like Austin.  

“It just taught us to love more. I mean the dude was full of love. I mean you couldn’t know him and not just be surrounded by and feel the love that he had for everybody around him. I mean, he truly just made everybody a better person when you were around him,” Pewitt said.  

Austin’s dad Bill Corbett didn’t want to go on camera, but is still recovering from his bout of COVID-19. He’s unsure what lies ahead for the restaurant he ran with his wife, Maude. A GoFundMe has been set up for him while he mourns the loss of his family and recovers from his illness. 

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