NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)– It’s been a tough year and a half for BoomBozz Craft Pizza and TapHouse. The March 2020 tornados destroyed their physical building, then COVID-19 destroyed their business.

They’ve been back up and running for about four months, but last Thursday manager James Figueredo said someone threw them a new curveball when a man broke in around one in the morning.

“I pulled up the camera and saw somebody inside the building so I immediately made a bee line up here,” Figueredo said.

The surveillance video showed a suspect jumping over the patio fence. He then walked over towards a glass garage door and threw a rock inside the restaurant.

“He came in through that door. He was fully covered with a hoodie on, a large facemask, gloves on. He knew what he was doing obviously,” Figueredo said.

Metro Police said the man was 41-year old Jeffery Peterkin who’s been convicted of at least five other burglaries in Davidson and Rutherford Counties since 2011. Now he’s wanted on three outstanding warrants for his alleged involvement with this crime. Investigators said he might also be wrapped up in a string of business burglaries at a nearby East Nashville strip mall.

“He came in very quick and took some cash registers thinking there was cash inside of them, some liquor bottles, and did about four thousand dollars in damage and theft,” Figueredo said.

Figueredo said the man didn’t get away with much, but it was enough to land him behind bars.

“I hope you got home and you were very, very disappointed when you opened up those cash registers and you found no money. I hope you enjoyed the liquor, but I hope you enjoy the time in jail even more,” Figueredo said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Metro Police said Peterkin had not been taken into custody. If you know where he is call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.