SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Monday, a Smyrna woman received a shocking phone call no daughter wants to receive. Her mother was shot and the accused gunman was nowhere to be found.

It’s the tragic reality for Christian Gentry after her mother’s husband shot his wife in the chest and is now on the run.

“She’s my other half. When I saw my mom like that, I wanted to cry so bad, but I have to be strong for my sister and my other family,” said Gentry.

Christian Gentry (pictured on right) and her mother.

On Monday, Gentry heard the unimaginable. Her cousin called her and said her mother had been shot and was in the hospital. Not believing the words at first, Gentry said her thoughts quickly changed.

“It’s been like a really bad nightmare. I went to sleep last night, woke up, and I actually realized it did happen. It happened, and it hurts,” Gentry said.

Smyrna Police said the shooting happened on Almaville Road where the two shared a home. Gentry says her mother is still hospitalized but in stable condition.

“Her right eye socket is fractured, her eye is swollen shut. He broke her nose,” explained Gentry, describing her mother’s injuries before the gunshot. “It hit her liver and her intestines.”

Rodney Garrett has been charged with attempted criminal homicide in the shooting investigation. According to Gentry, the two had been together on and off for the past 11 years of their marriage.

She told News 2 there were signs of violence within the relationship in the past, but she never thought it would lead to gun violence.

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“In his mind, she could be dead, and he’s just roaming around like if she had the right to do that, so I hope that he has the nightmares every night, and I hope it drives him crazy,” said Gentry. “I hope he lives the rest of his life with this. That he almost killed my mom, his wife, the woman who was there for him.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Stephen Hannah at (615) 267-5146 or If you see Rodney Garrett, please call your local law enforcement.