Hamilton County deputies placed on leave after using ‘excessive force’ on suspect

Hamilton Co. dash cam

Two officers in Hamilton County are on leave after being accused of using “excessive force.”

The released dashboard cam led Hamilton County District Attorney, Neal Pinkston, to call the incident disturbing.

Latisha Coonrod who was driving before the incident occurred, says she and her passenger, James Mitchell were pulled over because of tinted windows.

Mitchell then admitted to officers he had marijuana on him, according to Coonrod.

Coonrod says Mitchell and her were both handcuffed, and Mitchell was beaten and stripped of his clothes.

The suspect’s attorney says Mitchell is being treated for injuries he received during a ‘body cavity search.

According to a police affidavit, the Hamilton County Sheriff officer said Mitchell became “combative” after the marijuana was confiscated and during his “search of his person.”

After repeated attempts of Mitchell resisting and “reaching in to his waistband” of his underwear, the affidavit quotes the officer as saying he delivered multiple blows to Mitchell’s body until he “complied,” in fear of him possibly reaching for a weapon.

The affidavit says the officer then felt and found a torn bag in Mitchell’s underwear that turned out to be 1.16 grams of crack cocaine, according to the affidavit.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond says an internal investigation is underway.

Statewide officials are determining whether the actions performed by the officers were criminal.

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