NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The .357 magnum revolver recovered from the scene of the Jocques Clemmons shooting in East Nashville earlier this year was stolen from a TDOC employee, according to what the registered owner told Metro police.

Officer Joshua Lippert shot and killed Clemmons on February 10 after a traffic stop at the Cayce Homes. Nashville’s district attorney general announced the officer won’t be criminally charged by the state on Thursday.

General Glenn Funk cited an eye witness who told investigators she saw Clemmons holding a gun in the seconds before Lippert shot and killed him. That statement was corroborated by video footage taken on Metro public housing cameras in the area.

The investigative report given by the DA found that Clemmons had the gun in his hand and turned toward Lippert.

(Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

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According to a Metro police Supplement Report that is a part of police’s internal investigation, Detective Mike Roland found the gun was purchased by an Ashland City woman.

When detectives found the woman, she said she bought the gun in 2001. The woman, a TDOC employee, said it was her personal weapon and was in her bedroom when someone kicked in her front door while she was at work.

“The only item taken was her Ruger 357 which she kept in the drawer in the table beside the bed,” the report said.

News 2 attempted to contact the woman and went to her home, but we are still waiting to hear back from her.

Metro police still has the gun in its possession. They test fired it for a shell casing comparison to see if there are reports that the gun is involved in a crime.

According to Metro police, the gun was not reported stolen to the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office and the woman told investigators that she believed the person who stole the gun knew her work schedule.

She can petition to have the gun returned to her if she chooses.Click here to read more about the Jocques Clemmons case.