Gun exhibit at NRA convention caters to women

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Saturday was the busiest day for the NRA convention as thousands browsed acres of exhibit space at the Music City Center.

Among the tens of thousands of weapons on display, guns for women were easy to spot with pink barrels.

In the gun world, there are obvious women’s guns.

“It’s not very likely a woman is going to go in a gun store just cold,” said Shoshana Wodzisz of Cleveland, Ohio. “It’s very intimidating.”

But in this very macho culture, the female demographic is the fastest growing segment of gun ownership, despite the lack of attention.

“There needs to be a distinction in firearms for men and women,” explained Ashley Kerr who works for Remington. “That’s one of the big things we’re doing here at Ladies Zone, we’re encouraging ladies to stop by and give us their feedback.”

The Ladies Zone is a new launch by Remington that’s tapping into a market that’s largely been ignored.

“We’ve been conforming to male designed firearms for a while, and we want to get the feedback. What is it about this rifle that we could change that would really help you?” Kerr said.

The Ladies Zone is staffed by women who are asking questions and offering suggestions, which hasn’t happened before at previous NRA conventions, or by most other gun companies.

“Most of the time what most women do, they’re either talking to their husband or their boyfriend or something like that,” said Wodzisz after gripping several of Remington’s rifles on a display wall.

“Women want to see other women doing things they’re doing. Right, because they know they can relate to it. The size of the guns, the kick, those sorts of things, and to go into a store with a lot of men, you just don’t believe they’re going to be very empathetic to the things you need,” she added.

With the feedback it gets this week, Remington will begin designing new rifles and handguns for women and others who are looking for guns that aren’t necessarily marketed toward male gun owners.

“We really want to make something that’s well-rounded but in order to do that we need to get a ladies feedback and what they’re needing,” said Kerr. “We seem to know what the gentlemen are wanting but we need to know what the ladies are wanting as well.”

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