Gun, badge, clippers: All in a day for Lawrenceburg detective with heart


Here’s a sweet story from Lawrenceburg. 

Mrs. Davis was outside trimming trees in her front yard today. It was hot, but this 98-year-old woman was worried about drivers seeing around the leaves. 

Detective Blake Grooms happened to drive by. When he saw her he stopped.

The Lawrenceburg police officer took the clippers and took over for Mrs. Davis. He went to work trimming her tree, wearing his uniform and badge.  

Det. Grooms says he did what any officer would do today, and he plans to go back tomorrow to finish the job.

This small event with a big impact was captured on video by a neighbor. 

Mrs. Davis has lived in Lawrenceburg for 71 years and loves her town. It’s easy to see why.  

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