It’s a program that is turning the lives of young men around, men who once were caught up in a life of gangs or criminal activity.  

The growth of Nashville is also playing a part in the success of 4:13 Strong since the participants are trained to work in the construction industry.  

“If they are serious about changing their lives, we’re serious about helping them,” said 4:13 Director Eric Evans.  

The participants have faced a few challenges, but most of them have changed their lives for the better.  

“We’re targeting any young man that is ready and tired of being tired,” Evans said.  “Yes, we’ve helped guys in gangs, yes, we’ve helped guys with felonies it really doesn’t matter.”  

4:13 Strong targets young men between the ages of 18 and 30. But with violence, especially among young people, increasing in Nashville, program organizers are hoping to change that.    

“We’re having so many different violent things going around our city because a lot of these guys don’t believe they have the hope right now,” Evans said.  “They can’t see the hope, the opportunity here in Nashville.”  

The founders of 4:13 Strong said the growth of Nashville has played a huge part of their success. They said they prepare men in the program to work construction jobs; of course, there are plenty those in the Mid-State.  

“He will have the opportunity to receive a job, a full-time job, full-time pay, full-time benefits within the construction industry of his choice,” Evans said.  

Evans said the participants are working and not being a menace to society.  

“Over the past year, our guys that have come through our programs they have made earnings over $700,000,” Evans said.  “That means they are paying taxes.  We’re not paying for them to be incarcerated any more.  They are being productive citizens of Nashville Tennessee.”  

4:13 Strong will start a new class on Monday, January 3 at 8 a.m. at 1276 Foster Avenue in Nashville.  

They are hoping to enroll 100 men, again ages 18 to 30.  

If you would like to take part or know a young man who is looking to turning their lives around, you can call Eric Evans at (615) 582-4786, or reach him by email