MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Social justice and calls to end racism fueled a demonstration Thursday night in Millersville. At the heart of that protest, a call for the police chief to step down.   

On opposing sides of a road divided by more than pavement and passing cars, protesters and counter-protesters squared off.  

“What’s my message? I love my country,” said one man. “I support the police.”  

“Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.”

“We all deserve equal protection under the law and he definitely should step down,” said Angel Stansberry. 

Flanked by other demonstrators from the group People’s Plaza, Stansberry said she came out because of Millersville Police Chief Mark Palmer.

“He can’t represent all the people living here,” she said.

They accuse Palmer of putting a KKK publication in a black officer’s mailbox in 2014. He was not chief at the time.

Anthony Hayes, a reserve officer for 14 years, spoke to Andy Cordan after finding the flier. The paper came with a note that read, ‘Don’t let your subscription run out.’

“I don’t find that funny at all,” Hayes said to News 2 in 2014.

The officer eventually filed a lawsuit, but it was dismissed.  

Fast forward to present-day, a different time with different demands, said Stansberry. 

“We do want to put them on notice that we are aware,” she said. “If they don’t want it to look badly on the entire department, it would be in their best interest to let go of those people.”

News 2 contacted the Millersville assistant police chief with respect to the protest. The department had no comment.

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