Grieving parents march in Mule Day parade to get justice for sons

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Three Maury County families, who lost their children to heroin overdoses, marched in the annual Mule Day Parade. 

They gathered as one to celebrate their sons and remind everyone to stop the poisonous scourge that is hittng Middle Tennessee.

All three young men from Maury County were friends, went to school together, and died within 13 hours of each other. 

There is no official toxicology report, but Ted Wray, father of Ryan Wray, says the working theory is they died of heroin laced with Fentanyl. 

Wray says the three families are working together to stop this tragedy from hitting other families. 

Wray says a minister stopped and prayed with the family, and a gubernatorial candidate promised the family he would help to fight the opioid problem. 

“Kids don’t know what they are getting when buying off the street”, Wray said. “One hit and you’re gone.”

Wray calls the problem “murder in our own homes.”  And he wants justice.  

“It is a homicide,” Wray said emphatically. “It’s not a suicide. My son  didn’t want to die. He died from poison. All three boys were the same. Yes they bought the drug, but one hit took their hearts. it’s plain murder!”

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