Greenbrier police make startling discovery on routine patrol


GREENBRIER, Tenn. (WKRN) – Greenbrier Police made a frightening discovery during a routine traffic stop.

According to Lt. Curt Allen with Greenbrier Police, it began with a speeding violation Saturday night. Officers reportedly pulled over 27-year-old Marques Diamond and found a dangerous AR-style pistol on the back seat of his car.

Police say the weapon has a 100-round drum magazine. Authorities also seized a semi-automatic pistol, dozens of bullets and four ounces of pot.

Police say the weapon was fully loaded and ready to be used.

“Any weapon we come up against is a dangerous weapon. But with a drum that can hold 100 rounds, that is a hundred shots we might have to take or someone else might have to take,” Allen said.

Allen says an officer’s bulletproof vest would probably be ineffective against these high velocity rounds.

“No sir. It could become very dangerous and likely take an officer’s life,” the Lieutenant added.

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In a completely different traffic stop, police stopped Gerald Alexis Elam Jr. According to police, the 33-year-old convicted felon not only has drugs in his possession, but was carrying a loaded fire arm.

Lt. Buster Locklayer of the Greenbrier P.D. said, “That’s pretty concerning. I know there’s a lot out there we don’t see.”

According to Locklayer, this is the second AR-type weapon officers have discovered in just a few days of normal patrolling.

“A matter of fact, this is the second weapon of this type we have gotten in the last week. Getting the drugs and the weapons off the street are our main concern right now. Our chief has pretty much given us the go ahead to knock down as much as we can and we are going to.”

Both suspects are now charged with weapons and felony drug offenses.

Officers told News 2, they are still analyzing the AR-style pistol to see if it is legal.

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