PHOENIX, Ariz. (WCBD) – On Tuesday, an Arizona grandma attempted to start a group text with her family members to talk about Thanksgiving dinner plans.

However, Wanda Dench typed in the wrong number, and messaged Jamal Hinton, 17, instead.

According to screenshots obtained by Buzzfeed, Jamal texted back asking “Who is this?” The reply he got… “Your grandma.”

Jamal asked for a picture to confirm if it was, in fact, his grandma.

Turns out, it wasn’t. He sent a picture back saying she wasn’t his grandma, and asked if he could still have a plate. Her reply was classic. Dench wrote, “Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do…feed everyone.”

Hinton told Buzzfeed that if the invitation still holds, he’d be delighted to join the family for Thanksgiving.

“If I was invited to their Thanksgiving for real, yes, I would go,” he said. “I would consider us as friends!” Hinton added.

Hinton shared their conversation on Twitter. By Thursday morning, the post was liked 390,000 times and shared 180,000 times.

Hinton happily accepted Dench’s invitation when the two reportedly met on Wednesday.