Gov. Haslam says President George HW Bush had advice any politician should heed

On the day before he attends the funeral of George H.W. Bush, Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam said the 41st U.S. president had advice that everyone in public office should heed. 

“The advice I always heard from him was what he is kind of famous for,” said Haslam Wednesday. “‘Don’t make this about you, don’t think the story is about you because you have been elected to office. Don’t think the office of governor is a big deal because you are a big deal.'” 

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After speaking to Tennessee Farm Bureau members Tuesday, Haslam was asked what he remembered most from his times around the president often referred to as “41.” 

“The times I was around him, it was always what you hear about him,” said Governor Haslam. “This is a decent and good man.” 

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He added that America’s appreciation of the 41st president seems to have grown in the years after he lost the 1992 election for a second term to Bill Clinton. 

Haslam thinks it has to do with humility despite a resume like few others in the history of American politics. 

“Never took being the president, vice-president, Ambassador to China or U.N. Ambassador – never took any of that and let it go to his head,” added Tennessee’s governor. 

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