GOP House members call for meeting as support for Casada dwindles


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The speaker of the Tennessee house was on the move Friday.   

Glen Casada hurriedly entertained a barrage of questions from reporters, following an event which honored fallen officers.  The embattled lawmaker appeared in no rush to give up his office.   

“Those machines are in every business in this country,” said Glen Casada. “They help people to blot out loud noise.” 

Casada defended the white noise machines found outside his office this week. He also apologized to reporters during this exchange, for 2 text messages he sent, during a sexually explicit conversation with his now-fired chief of staff.   

“He’s a very good politician, but there are issues with his leadership,” said state representative, Jeremy Faison.  

According to Fasion, it’s absolute. Casada needs to step aside, immediately. He claims less than half of the caucus supports the speaker.  The lawmaker estimates maybe 20 of 73 of his colleagues.   

“It’s going to be eye-opening for him that he’s lost the confidence in the House of Representatives that we believe he can lead anymore, effectively lead,” Faison said.   

GOP House members will talk about all of this next week. Representative Jason Zachary called the caucus meeting.  

“There’s no doubt that what has come out is disturbing, and it is troubling,” said Zachary.  

Yet Zachary is not calling for Casada to resign at this point.  His concern is the next step, finding answers, and clarity from Casada.  

“We need to bring closure to this, and how we move forward,” Zachary said.  

In a statement Friday, Casada said he supports the upcoming caucus meeting, emphasizing that it will allow for his colleagues to better understand the facts of the situation.  

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