GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Goodlettsville Police Department announced on Wednesday its officers are now using body cameras.

According to a release, officers began using the body cams earlier this month on February 10.

“We’ve take our time and done our homework thoroughly researching camera equipment and policies,” Police Chief Gary Goodwin said. “We’ve learned from other police departments and organizations about best practices and mistakes to avoid. Now, we’re ready to move ahead with a solid plan that will improve the safety of our city and its citizens.”

Chief Goodwin said all officers have undergone training and will be required to activate their cameras for “every law enforcement-related contact with citizens,” no matter the circumstances.

The cameras will also record pedestrian and vehicle stops, motorist assists and calls for service at either businesses or homes. Officers will also be required to have the cameras rolling any time they are operating their police vehicles with lights and sirens.

Goodwin also noted the original videos taken the body cameras cannot be edited.

“The biggest thing we think we’re going to get out of these body cameras is just establishing transparency with the community – to show them that we’re open,” he said, adding, “We have confidence that are officers are doing the right thing every day, and this is just another opportunity to show the community what we’re doing.”

The purchase of the cameras was part of the City of Goodlettsville’s fiscal year budget.