Goodlettsville neighbors help each other to clean up tree damage from storm


GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Neighbors say it was a scary way to wake up on Tuesday morning as tornado warnings went off alerting them to extreme weather.

“I was brought up around Northeast England and we’d have bad storms during the summer but never the kind of hot weather meets the cold weather and creating the super cells, so this is a scary, scary experience,” said resident Samuel Gray.

Gray said he was shocked to see so much damaged caused by trees in his neighborhood.

“I’m just glad that everyone was still alive, and it was just trees that crushed trucks and not people,” Gray said.

Mark Stubblefield lost his truck when a large tree fell on top of it, but he’s thankful it didn’t hit his roof.

“That’s a hard truck to find so I was upset about that. And the kids are upset about the swing set and the trampoline, so we’ve just got to get some stuff done now,” Stubblefield said.

A preliminary report from the National Weather Service suggests at least 10 EF0 tornadoes touched down in Middle Tennessee on Tuesday morning.

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