HERMITAGE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Wednesday morning, a Good Samaritan caught an alleged car burglar and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

“I just heard alarms go off.”

The victim we spoke with doesn’t want us to release her name, but early Wednesday morning, a car burglar smashed her car window.

The victim said that someone had been breaking into many cars lately in her apartment complex: “I was scared. First thing I was thinking, if this is the actual individual, we don’t know what he is capable of.”

The victim came out of her apartment, camera rolling, and captured one of her neighbors, gun drawn, holding an alleged car burglar in check.

“They found so much on him. He had a gun, other people’s phones. Money. He said, ‘I don’t live in this area, I was just walking home,’ but he had on a bulletproof vest.”

Kevon Sherrill
Kevon Sherrill

According to police, the suspect is 22-year-old Kevon Sherrill. The man holding Sherrill down is a resident, an ex-security officer, armed with his own handgun and keeping the suspect in place until police can arrive.

When asked about Sherill wearing a bulletproof vest, the Good Samaritan who preferred not to be named said, “I thought it was odd, like he had done it before, and he was already planning on something happening maybe.”

The Good Samaritan tells News 2 that he was ready for anything. He wasn’t nervous, but he said Sherrill probably was.

“I asked him why he was out pulling on door handles, he swore he wasn’t, and I said, ‘you are probably the one who broke into my car last night.’ For him or anyone to do that, it rubbed me the wrong way.”

After a few minutes, Metro Police arrived on scene and searched the 22-year-old who had a stolen gun in his front pocket. He was wearing soft ballistic body armor over his red hoodie. Police also found other items on Sherrill that authorities say were stolen.

The Good Samaritan says police thanked him for his help: “They have had a bunch of incidents lately, like car thefts in Nashville has skyrocketed.”

Sherrill is charged with burglary, theft, and wearing a bulletproof vest during the commission of a felony.