Glasses recalls sends eclipse viewers scrambling for real ones


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With the first total solar eclipse in decades, safe solar glasses are selling quickly. The total number of glasses sold Tuesday at the Adventure Science Center is more than double what they sold on Monday.

The company supplying them told News 2 that the orders have skyrocketed in the last week.

For the second day in a row, the Adventure Science Center in Nashville has been the hot spot to get safe eclipse glasses.

“I just did enough research to know that if I look at the sun with the eclipse, it could ruin your eyes,” said Amy Stanfield, a mother picking up glasses on Tuesday.RELATED:NASA says unsafe eclipse glasses being distributed

With news of recalled glasses, places with legitimate lenses are selling by the thousands.

“I think we’ve sold close to 22,000, I think is what they told me, and yesterday 10,000,” explained Alexis McCoy.

Credible companies say they are shipping faster than they can print them following the recalls.

“We did 1.6 million dollars in consumer sales last night.”

John Jerit, the CEO of American Paper Optics in Memphis, told News 2 that his warehouse is printing more than two million pairs this week.

“We rushed more lens material, so we committed to making another two and a half million glasses so that is what we are making now. We will make glasses, 500-600,000 a day between Sunday and Thursday,” said Jerit.

That is good news for McCoy, who said they are down to their final few boxes with five days left.

“We have a limited amount available that we will be selling tomorrow. If we sell them all out, we have some that we put aside so we can sell them at the festival this weekend.”

Jerit believes the deadline to buy yours from APO is a little more than 36 hours away.

“We will probably be cutting off sales, if we don’t run out of glasses before then, will probably be on Thursday of this week,” said Jerit.

McCoy said it is exciting to see the enthusiasm behind this space phenomenon.

“It’s an opportunity for you to really step back and step away from all your day to day activities and really think about how small you are compared and how small your problems are compared to the vastness of the universe,” said McCoy.

The Adventure Science Center said all of the money raised from the glasses goes toward paying for their festival this weekend. McCoy told News 2 that they are considering driving to Memphis to get more glasses if they sell out this week.MORE: What kind of glasses do you need to view the eclipse safely?

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