Girl befriends ‘lonely’ man at grocery store, helps him heal after losing wife


AUGUSTA, Ga. (MEDIA GENERAL) – It’s a story that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Four-year-old Norah was grocery shopping with her mother late last month when she befriended an elderly man. Their relationship has since blossomed into something beautiful.

Norah’s mother, Tara Wood, wrote on Facebook that her daughter seemed “magnetically drawn” to the man when they passed by him at the store. So much so that she stood up in the cart, waved excitedly, and said “Hi, old person! It’s my birfday today!”

Wood said the man’s expression softened when he realized she was speaking to him. “Well hello, little lady! And how old are you today?” he asked.

“They chatted for a few seconds and it was super adorable,” Wood wrote.

They continued on their way but a few minutes later, Norah asked if she could take a picture with the man, whom they now call “Mr. Dan.”

“They posed together and then they hugged each other like they were long lost friends,” Wood continued.

When she thanked Mr. Dan, Wood received a response she wasn’t expecting.

He teared up and said “No, thank YOU. This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me so happy, Ms. Norah.”

Touched by the encounter, Wood later posted the photos on Facebook and that night received a private message from someone who personally knows Mr. Dan.

It turns out, his wife passed away earlier this year, leaving him sad and lonely. The friend said she was sure Norah touched his heart, adding the chance meeting was something he “needed.”

Wood got Mr. Dan’s phone number and called him a few days later.

They met for lunch the following week and have seen each other on numerous occasions since – even celebrating his 82nd birthday together on October 20.

“You guys, I CANNOT handle the friendship between Norah and Mr. Dan. I cry every time they’re together – it’s so pure and simple and perfect,” Wood wrote.

The story of Norah and Mr. Dan has since gone viral, touching hearts across the world, proving that sometimes talking to strangers can turn into the “most beauty full thing in the world.”

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