GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Giles County authorities are searching for a thief who they believe crossed the Tennessee-Alabama state line to steal ZaZa Red. On October 15, a man broke into David’s Market. The suspect reportedly ran directly to a box of ZaZa Red valued at $5,000.

According to the FDA, ZaZa Red contains Tianeptine, which can stimulate opioid receptors, making it addictive. It’s often marketed as an energy booster and dietary supplement.

Giles County investigators have been battling an increase in ZaZa Red-related crimes since March 2021 when the Alabama Department of Public Health classified it as a schedule 2 controlled substance – essentially outlawing over-the-counter sales in the state.

“These substances are illegal in Alabama, but you can buy them over the counter here in Tennessee,” Giles County Investigator, Luke Tyson, said.

To fuel their addiction, Tyson said alleged thieves have been coming to Giles County with regularity. They have been caught on video breaking into stores and stealing the highly addictive product. “From the research we’ve done, [ZaZa] is kind of close to the high you would get from methamphetamines.”

The suspect in the October 15 crime was not seen leaving in a vehicle. Giles County investigators told News 2 they strongly feel he is from Alabama.

If you have any info, you should call the Giles County Sheriff’s Department at (931) 638-2358.