Get ready: Outburst of shooting stars will be ‘extremely great’

Perseid Meteor Shower_75904

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The annual Perseid meteor shower will be spectacular this year.

What we are going to see overnight Thursday is called an “outburst,” and the sky in Nashville hasn’t lit up like this since 2009.

“We call it the Perseids because we will actually see the meteors radiating away from the constellation called Perseus, so they get the name from where we are looking in the sky,” explained Derrick Rohl, the planetarium manager at the Adventure Science Center.

The light show happens once a year, but it’s supposed to be phenomenal this time around.

“Essentially what’s normally good is going to be extremely great tonight,” Rohl told News 2.

Outbursts only occur every 11 years.

To see the shooting stars at their peak, you’ll have to wait until 12:30 a.m.

Eight-year-old Caleb told News 2 he’s going to try really hard to stay up late Thursday night.

“I have done it before. I’ve stayed up past 12:30,” he said.

One mother said she is excited to share the experience with her son.

“It’s really special because back in the 70s when I was little, I got to see the eclipse with my mom and that was just amazing, and it’s something he’s going to carry with him for a really long time,” she told News 2.

Another outburst like this one isn’t expected until around the year 2027.

For the best view, go outside between midnight and dawn overnight Thursday into Friday, and try your best to get far away from the city lights.

Allow about 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark. Lie on your back and look straight up!

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