Georgia deputy accused of shooting his wife appeared in court Wednesday


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A number of witnesses took the stand Wednesday in a preliminary hearing for a Georgia deputy accused of shooting his wife inside a downtown hotel room. 

Randy Austin has resigned since the October 3rd Incident. Two employees of the Houlston House hotel were among those who took the stand.

A woman who was working the front desk described receiving a series of calls from the couple’s room on the 7th floor. 

“What I predominately heard was an angry man,” she said saying in one of the calls the man said his wife had been shot. 

That’s when a manager went up to check on the situation. Keith Jones described Austin’s wife as only wearing panties and lying in a pool of blood, motionless. 

”He was yelling help me, help me, please don’t leave me,” Jones explained. 
A detective on the stand said Austin told him he thought his wife had been shot as well and denied shooting her. 

An investigator said a gun was found inside the room in its holster and that it had been manipulated after being fired. 

The case will now go to a grand jury.

Austin also asked for a lower bond, but the judge denied his request. 
Austin worked for the Glynn County Sheriff’s department for nearly 35 years before resigning. While wearing a jumpsuit and handcuffs, he told the judge he has worked his entire career in jail. 

We also learned that Austin has been married five times and that he and his wife were celebrating their one year anniversary in Nashville when she was shot inside their hotel room. The defense pointed out that he had been arrested on another domestic charge from a previous wife. 

“I was actually charged and actually arrested. The allegations were family violence. She said that I hit her in the head with a phone and two days later we went to court and it was all taken care of, she dropped the charges,” Austin told the courtroom. 

His current wife is still recovering at Vanderbilt hospital. The victim’s brother told the judge she is unable to talk or move one side of her body. 

Austin Remains jailed on a half-million-dollar bond.

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