McEWEN, Tenn. (WKRN) — You drive into town and every direction you turn; there’s another item being handed out.

But this community support stretches far beyond just that. A small general store in McEwen is cooking up 600 meals a day, less than 10 miles away.

“Don’t cry, they have to have strong soldiers like you.”

Sweet home Humphreys, a county filled with small towns where the people have big hearts.

“It’s a lot… It’s been an overwhelming week.”

Memories and Marmalade has transformed into a super center of sorts, where for the next week, everything is FREE.

“We closed our store, we’re not taking any money in our store, one hundred percent that comes through all week and next week are going to flood victims and families,” said owner Amy Mullinicks.

Mullinicks says they’re serving up to 600 meals a day.

“We wanted the families to know we’re here for them along the way, whether its food, money, help. We can find it if we don’t have it,” said Mullinicks.

But their service isn’t done.

“The day they put the total up was really hard,” recalled Mullinicks about the death toll, “I kinda thought, how can we honor somebody, we’re so far away from them we thought.”

Outside the shop, 20 ribbons signifying one life, each one gone too soon.

“You can’t replace a life and we lost 20 and a lot of them were kids and I’m a mom and I couldn’t imagine losing my child,” said manager Renee Griffeth.

Humphreys, their home, is hurting. So, they’re doing what they can to help heal.

“A lot of people don’t have anybody.”

Here, Amy says, they have a friend.

“All we said is, how we can help you, well, he cried, and he’s really strong, a strong man, because he creied because he’s not going through cancer, but he has damage in his place, he doesn’t have a floor in his kitchen.”

And this small town is staying strong, despute mother nature’s destructive plans.

Those at Memories and Marmalades are still taking donations, setting up a red tent for people to drop off supplies. They need pallets to keep the items off the ground.