One community is breathing a sigh of relief on Saturday night. 

A natural gas line ruptured near Stone Branch Road in Pleasant Shade, Smith County. No one was injured but 5 families had to evacuate fast.

“You couldn’t hear because the roar was so loud, well I looked to my right and I thought ‘Oh God, the gas pipe has blown up.'” said Ramona Wilmore, a resident of Pleasant Shade. 

Ramona Wilmore and her husband, Scott, live about 200 yards from where the explosion occurred, they also farm on the land where it took place. 

“We always knew it was a possibility, but never expected it to happen,” said Scott Wilmore. 

The 22-inch natural gas line is owned by Spectra Energy. 

News 2 rode through the explosion site on an ATV – seeing how the rupture blew chunks of rock everywhere. 

Ramona said as soon as she realized what was happening, she rushed to call her family. 

“I ran straight to the phone and called my daughter-in-law, Kim, and I said ‘Get the grandkids, get out of the house and go.'” 

Others who live in the area say the blast was so loud they couldn’t hear for minutes. 

“Thankful to the good Lord above that we’re all okay and that these children and these grandbabies are okay,” said Ramona. 

Smith County Emergency Management says the gas line has been shut off and the explosion remains under investigation by the natural gas company.