NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Major progress is being made on the more than 20 homes being built through Habitat for Humanity in North Nashville.

It’s all part of the Carter Work Project. President Jimmy Carter is leading the charge, with hundreds of volunteers helping in the build including country music lovebirds Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

“I was the youngest in my family and my mom uses to let come in with a little screwdriver and be the handyman. She let me take all the doorknobs, all the knobs, off the kitchen cabinet and put them back on. She let me do that, so I think I’ve just always really liked to do this kind of thing so it’s fun and the joy it brings us as volunteers to help somebody else have a house for themselves you can’t even describe” Trisha told News 2.

The couple has been volunteering with Habitat for nearly 15 years and while they’ve been all over the world, they love being in their own back yard this week.

“There’s need in all these countries and there are deserving people that don’t have affordable housing and hopefully if your country cares about its citizens they will fix that, like this country is gracious enough to do and this community is gracious enough to do, but my favorite thing about being in Nashville is that you get to go home to your own bed, your own shower. It’s fabulous,” Garth laughed.

The couple says one of the most rewarding feelings about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity is seeing how a home can change one’s life.

“It’s like they are totally different people, they are thriving, their children are thriving and President Carter says it best, he says if you go to sleep or wake up with a roof over your head you are spoiled, 100 percent agree. Man you never take for granted a place to call your home and it’s just not a roof over your head, it instills self-esteem,” the couple explained.

The goal is to finish up 21 homes by Friday afternoon.

Habitat has helped build more than 43-hundred homes in 14 countries, since 1984.