NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Country star Garth Brooks addressed fans Monday night following his postponed performance at Nissan Stadium due to strong storms Saturday night.  

Nissan Stadium made the call just after 9:15 p.m. Saturday to postpone the event after the concert was initially delayed. Opening performers Chris Young, Emmylou Harris, and Trisha Yearwood had been able to play a few songs before the storms rolled in, but Garth had not yet taken the stage.  

Nissan Stadium initially worked to reschedule the show for Sunday night, but staff later said it wouldn’t be possible. Garth said staff members were texting until 2 a.m. Sunday trying to figure out a way to have the show Sunday night, but ultimately decided to postpone the show would be best. 

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“The problem that they kept having was the experience people would have Sunday wouldn’t be the level of experience that the Titans Stadium is used to giving to people that come there,” Garth said in a video posted to Facebook.  

He cited concerns of not having enough food to serve the estimated 70,000 attendees and not having enough staff to direct traffic. 

Garth said his team had a rescheduled date he couldn’t confirm yet, however, he said “It’s not anywhere [as] soon as I would like it.” 

He explained upcoming stadium events made it difficult to reschedule the show in the near future, in addition to upcoming Titans games and events.  

Throughout the video, Garth repeatedly thanked Nissan Stadium staff, the owners of the Tennessee Titans, Nashville first responders, and fans for their support.  

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The Titans released a statement on the stadium’s lightning policy, which reads:

“The NFL’s best practice policy is that we ask all fans to evacuate the stands, not the stadium, when there is lightning within eight miles of the facility. We can repopulate them 30 mins after the final lightning strike. We can’t evacuate the stadium and send folks out into the storm, so we ask them to take shelter until it’s safe to go out. It’s very standard across most outdoor venues.”

Kate Guerra
Tennessee Titans Team Publicist