Gallatin sees record growth in residential building permits


GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – The pandemic isn’t slowing growth in Middle Tennessee. Gallatin is seeing record numbers of building permits throughout the summer– their numbers practically doubling.

For the last five years, approximately 180 people have been moving to Gallatin every month, making it the 4th fastest growing city in Tennessee, according to a study by the University of Tennessee.

“They’re almost all building houses, now we do have some apartment complexes that have gone up… but alot of single and multiple family residential units that are being filled up,” said James Fenton, Executive Director of Gallatin Economic Development.

Pre-pandemic, Gallatin was seeing about $15 million worth in residential with a few commercial building permits, but this summer that number practically doubled.

“In June, we had $24 million, $27 in July, $30 in August,” Fenton explained.

The average cost of a new home in Gallatin is currently $330,000 dollars.

One home building company says they’re seeing record sales. “We had a couple of down months in March and April for sales and then came back in May. So, May, June, July, August, September were record sales months for us,” said Keith Porterfield with Goodall Homes.

However, the number of residential building permits dropped by about $10 million in September, likely due to the demand.

“The housing market is so hot right now that builders are generally selling at a faster pace than they anticipated, so they’re running out of lots,” Porterfield explained.

“It’s been going so fast. So many permits are out there. Tthe land is becoming scarce too. To actually have a building site is a problem,” Fenton added. “Now we have 4,000 approved lots, but those haven’t been developed yet. That’ll happen over the next 6 to 8 years.”

Builders are also slowing projects due to lumber demand, which may give developers in Gallatin more time to get infrastructure in place for more residential permits.

Fenton added people shouldn’t worry because the city is working very hard to keep up with resources for the growing population.

“The city has been very very careful and making sure that their planning for this. Making sure they’re putting the roads in. Making sure we have the sufficient infrastructure water water sewer guess it’s all there and able to handle this growth.”

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