Funny money found in Hickman County drug houses as fake bills turn up on area streets


HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A warning tonight from the Hickman County Sheriff’s Department after a rash of funny money floods area streets.

Some of the bills look genuine. Some are obviously fake, yet they are still being passed and people from normal citizens to drug dealers are being duped.

Sheriff Randal Ward says, “just in the past few weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of funny money.”

According to Hickman County lawmen, even though there are very distinct signs the money is not real, it can also be hard to recognize if you don’t pay attention.

Sheriff Ward says, “it’s hard to tell, you’d think it’d be easy, but it’s hard to tell.”

Sgt. Mike Doddo has been working multiple cases involving thousands of dollars of phony money.

“No, these will not pass the yellow marker test.”

The Sergeant shows News 2 fake bills from $100 all the way down to a $1 bill that has surfaced on area streets recently.

“Counterfeit is one of the easiest crimes to get away with because all you have to do is fool one person,” Doddo says.

Investigators show news 2 hundred dollars bills with pink, Chinese writing that should be a telltale sign, still people are fooled.

Sergeant Doddo says, “all you gotta do is fake one person.”

Investigators say one senior citizen accepted 20 of these fake $100 bills as part of an auto sale.

Sgt. Doddo “and that’s what happened one person was fooled.”

Small bills have also been detected, including $1’s and $5’s.

Sheriff Ward says, “we’ve never seen 5’s and 10’s as we have recently.”

Ward says people fall for this because they are not used to looking for counterfeit bills so small.

According to sheriff’s investigators, even drug dealers have been fooled by this batch of bogus bills. They determined this after phony bills showed up in area drug houses recently.

Sgt. Doddo says this could be a problem.

“Retaliation. A drug dealer gets a fake $100 or a couple of fake $100 dollar bills and they are going to be out looking for blood wanting their money back.”

In the end, the so says there is always a telltale sign if there is any doubt don’t take the currency a.c.

Investigators tell us in the case of the senior who was duped into selling his car, he got his money back and that con man was arrested.

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