Funding cut off to local nonprofit serving families and children due to government shutdown


Three weeks into the government shutdown and nonprofits like Family and Children’s Service are starting to feel its impact. 

“If this continues, what are we gonna do?” asked T. Allen Morgan, Vice President of Advancement for the agency. 

“If this doesn’t get resolved, that’s when we’re gonna start seeing problems.”

The nonprofit provides counseling to victims of crime, ranging from domestic violence to child abuse. 

Morgan says the services are partially paid for using federal money through the Victims of Crime Act. 

Money he says they haven’t gotten since the shutdown started in December. 

“We don’t have big lumps of cash sitting around somewhere,” Morgan said. 

Family and Children’s Service is one of dozens of local agencies that received an email Monday, explaining that their monthly invoices can’t be processed due to the shutdown. 

The nonprofit is reimbursed $20,000 a month from the federal government. That money is used to pay the salaries of their counselors, according to Morgan. 

He says the agency has been using donations and fund-raising money to get by, but he says he doesn’t know how long that will last. 

“If we receive more dollars, we serve more people,” Morgan said. “If we receive fewer dollars, we serve fewer people. It might not sound like a big deal, but if it goes on much longer, it could really hurt.” 

Morgan says it won’t just hurt the agency but also the people it serves. 

“Some of the most vulnerable people in our community count on these safety net services, sometimes for their very lives,” Morgan said. 

The nonprofit provides counselors to other agencies such as the YWCA, Metro Nashville Police Department, and Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

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