NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Wednesday, brand-new details and a stunning discovery were made by the family of 28-year-old Dakota Bingham who went missing late Sunday evening.

Family and friends of Bingham have taken matters into their own hands and spent the day retracing his steps, hoping to find any clues that may lead to him being found.

“We’ve been on foot looking under the bridges, by the river, we’ve done everything we can do on foot,” said Lexi Johnisee, a friend of Bingham’s who was with him the night he disappeared.

Johnisee, along with family and other friends, have spent days searching for any sign of Bingham.

On Wednesday, the group walked from the TA truck stop where his cell phone last pinged, looking around to find any areas that Bingham may have wondered to. Johnisee says while searching they made a shocking discovery — finding Bingham’s wallet near the Cumberland River — just a six-minute walk from the TA truck stop.

“As soon as we realized nobody had been in touch with Dakota, I mean we were on it. We were up and down Main Street on foot until we got to where the truck stop [is]… that’s the last scene, and I mean we have went in every direction from there that we could possibly think,” explained Johnisee.

During the search, Metro Police released new information, stating new surveillance video from a business shows a man, believed to be Bingham, struggling to stay afloat in the Cumberland River just after midnight Monday.

“I want to see the footage, I know cops can only do what they can do, but with something like this, I need, I need proof. I want to know that it’s him. If he was being chased, why he went into the river,” explained Johnisee.

Friends say it has been frustrating, and they want to know more about what happened leading up to Bingham’s disappearance.

Bingham was last seen by friends late Sunday night at Noble’s sports bar, 974 Main Street.

Bingham, who had reportedly been drinking heavily, left the bar around 11:15 p.m. About 30 minutes later, he was seen at the TA truck stop at 111 North 1st Street.

Metro Police say they plan on organizing dive teams to search the Cumberland River.