Friends, coworkers of Lebanon double murder victims shocked by deaths


LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Those close to Marie Varsos and her mother Deborah Sisco say it’s hard to imagine that they’re gone.

On Monday, the mother and daughter were allegedly murdered by Marie’s estranged husband 36-year-old Shaun Varsos in Lebanon. After shooting them Varsos fled to Bellevue where police found his body in a rental car.

“I just was in shock,” Sisco’s friend and coworker Misty Robertson said. “I talk to Debbie almost on a daily basis, so I think she didn’t share everything that was going on with her daughter because she did not want to alarm the rest of us.”

Robertson said the hardest part of it all is thinking about the fear the mother and daughter must have experienced while running away from Varsos.

“When I heard how it happened, I think that’s part of why it’s so troublesome is the fact that she was afraid,” Robertson said.

As the president of the Communications Workers of America local chapter her colleagues say her legacy will outlive us all. Sisco was known as a dedicated servant to her community and to her work.

Sisco’s friends knew how much she cared for her children and those around her. The 60-year-old was also described as someone that loved the gym, eating healthy and the beach.

Sisco was helping her daughter through her divorce. Marie had been living with her mother for the last couple of months at the home they were killed at in Lebanon.

But following a domestic situation between Marie and Shaun in March, some of Marie’s coworkers say they were aware of the fear she was experiencing with her estranged husband.

“Once the divorce had been brought up it just kind of brought out a different side of him that she said she had never really recognized before which I think is important to also point out. That even though he did something very terrible that even she was like this isn’t the person I knew. Or even knew that he was even capable of doing also,” Marie’s friend and coworker Kayla Eaton said.

Marie, a pharmacist at Walgreens, was described as a light, happy, funny woman. Eaton said she always knew how to make a situation better through her playful and caring way.

Marie’s friend Mary Miller said, “Marie was someone who was selfless, kind and humble. As all of her friends would say, she was the most loyal friend a person could have. She always knew how to listen and care for those that needed it. Marie did all she could to protect herself, yet it still ended in such a big tragedy. What I want others to know is how wonderful of a human she truly was, and how she was the least deserving person of what happened. As her friend, I am still trying to make sense of it all.”

“I can’t picture what it’s going to be like without her,” Eaton said. “I was very surprised. It just came out of nowhere.”

Sisco’s friends say they plan to start working on a way to honor Sisco through a scholarship or charitable cause within the coming weeks.

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