Franklin rescue helps disabled dogs with ‘super powers’ find forever homes


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Snooty Giggles is a non-profit dog rescue in Franklin, Tennessee. The organization calls disabilities ‘super powers’. They help dogs with those ‘super powers’ find forever homes.

Charlotte Blake said she’s been fostering and training dogs from Snooty Giggles for about ten years.

Blake said their organization is one of the best places for a trainer to be. They set dogs up for success by matching the right dog to the right family in a hands-on manner.

Blake said that depending on the dogs age, different things are important in training. Laurent is a dog up for adoption with Snooty Giggles. She came to the program in November of 2017. She is blind and deaf. Blake said Laurent needs an appropriate environment to live in for a blind and deaf dog.

Blake said that fostering dogs is an open door with Snooty Giggles.

“I couldn’t imagine giving the dog up after hes lived in my house, but after you do that and see how rewarding it is, it almost becomes an obsession, and giving them a chance when they might not have somewhere else– so it becomes a cycle you enjoy,” Blake said.

Dianna Thompson said she’s been adopting from Snooty Giggles for six years.

“It’s amazing you never know from one day to the next what’s going to come in and need help, but I specifically ask for special needs dogs. I have a background in dogs, so it was easy. You have to treat them physically, mentally you just have to take the entire situation and work with that along with your professionals who will guide you with different things,” said Thompson.

Thompson said owning a dog with ‘super powers’ can be challenging, but you learn a lot from each experience. Thompson rescued her dachshund named Mellie from being euthanized. Mellie is paralyzed and moves around with a cart.

“She just honestly doesn’t realize that shes special. She knows shes special in her own special way– but as far as her own physical disability, she just gets up and goes everyday as if nothing was wrong. Dogs adjust really quickly, and with a little bit of encouragement, they just don’t dwell on it like sometimes people do,” Thompson said.

Thompson creates outfits for each of her dogs with ‘super powers’. She said the dogs enjoy the attention and this allows them to showcase their individual personalities.

Kristal Turner is a Veterinarian with Animalia Health and Wellness in Franklin, Tennessee. Turner said they help Snooty Giggles dogs with their rehabilitation efforts. They help dogs just like Piggy.

“Piggy is a six-month-old puppy here and she came into the program a couple months ago. We didn’t know much about her history at all but we could see that she had some limb deformities. We could see she had multiple fractures in all of her long bones. And they had grown back in a funky direction and an odd angle, so it inhibits her to be able to move in a normal fashion,” Turner said.

Turner said that all of Piggy’s broken bones have healed and she is comfortable. Turner and the Animalia team work with Piggy with things like water rehabilitation.

Shawn Aswad is the Founder of Snooty Giggles. She said that just like with humans, doing exercises underwater helps build muscle without putting any pressure on the joints and can reduce pain for dogs. 

Turner says they also assist Snooty Giggles with dogs with neurological diseases.

“It’s a little intimidating at first, I think if you haven’t had an animal beforehand that needs to be in a wheelchair or has a prosthetic leg, and that’s what we are here for. We take the time to make sure to make sure whoever is taking the animal knows the ins and outs of it all, once you learn its not that hard after all,” Turner said.

Aswad says Snooty Giggles has about 30 rescues up for adoption. They also have about 30 forever fosters in their care. At any given time, there are about 100 dogs in the program.

Snooty Giggles always has a need for fosters. Aswad said they have an Amazon wish list of the items they need most.

You can check out the Snooty Giggles website if you’d like to adopt, foster or donate.

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