Franklin police wearing 19th century uniforms respond to shooting call


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – A shooting call at the Franklin Factory this weekend was answered by two Franklin police officers dressed as 19th century British police officers, known as Bobbies.

The officers were on foot patrol. They were dressed in the Bobbie costumes, complete with helmet, baton, and whistles, to celebrate the “Dickens of a Christmas” that typically takes place in Franklin around this time of year, but because of COVID-19, was canceled.

Detective Brandon Sandrell and motorcycle officer Ryan Howell, two vets of the police force and the Dickens Christmas Celebration, were laughing with people, taking pictures and spreading good cheer, when suddenly they received a shots fired call in the parking lot of the Factory, where they were working.

Officer Ryan Howell recalled that moment, “As we are taking the picture in a funny posture, the call comes out shots fired at the factory. And we are at the factory, and we have to go from joking to serious.”

The officers told News 2 the moments were tense as they moved toward the unknown.

“We are walking toward it, trying to get as much info as we can,” Howell added. “We don’t know if it is an active shooter but we are going to that problem.”

Police say the man, in his 50’s, accidentally shot himself and was bleeding badly.

When asked about getting the call while in 19th century costume, Howell says, “It kicks in, that you are a police officer, not that you are wearing this Bobbie outfit.”

It’s at about this time master patrol officer Jon McClendon, arrived with a tourniquet. He is a combat veteran and he quickly rendered aid to the man.

Once the scene was secure, both officers chuckled at what the victim must have been thinking seeing them arrive.

Howell says, “I can only imagine how he felt seeing us come to assist him after a gunshot.”

Franklin Police told News 2 the shooting was accidental and the victim didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Both officers said the Bobbies plan to be on patrol a few more times in Franklin before Christmas.

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