Franklin Police fighting rise in car burglaries by encouraging routine


“If we make it as easy as we have been for suspects, to come into Franklin and burglarize unlocked cars, they’re going to keep coming back,” said Lt. Charles Warner, spokesperson for the Franklin Police Department.

It’s the logic behind the department’s ‘9 pm routine’ — a proactive approach, you’ve likely seen on social media, to fighting the rise in car burglaries in the city.

“It’s a reminder to get off the couch before you go to bed, go out and make sure your valuables are out of your car, doors locked, house locked, and make sure you leave an outside light on,” said Lt. Warner.

Lt. Warner put that warning out, on various platforms like Twitter. He said the routine can literally fight crime.

“All of those things work together to your advantage because suspects like this are looking for an easy target,” he said.

So far in 2018, Franklin Police have on record 116 car burglaries, compared to 202 total in 2017.

Just earlier this week, 12 reported victims in McKays Mills, all from unlocked cars.

Lt. Warner said residents can turn those numbers around.

“We’re doing our part. We’re doing extra patrols, we have over time officers, but we can’t do it by ourself,” he said. “Simply locking your car, and making less of a target, is going to help us make huge strides to bringing down crime in Franklin.”

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