FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Franklin family is searching for answers after their pet cat was shot in a quiet neighborhood.

According to the Tabscott family, someone in the Liberty Hills subdivision shot their cat with a high powered pellet gun last Thursday.

The cat, known as Nora, survived but will require expensive medical care.

“She is a very non aggressive cuddly loving cat,” said Denise Tabscott.

As a kitten, Nora crawled onto a tree stand in the middle of nowhere and snuggled up with Denise’s husband, Chris Tabscott, who was hunting at the time.

“He was in his hunting stand and she was a stray in middle of the woods and she climbed up into his hunting stand and crawled into his lap for three hours and adopted him. He is not a cat person,” she said.

Nora’s right leg was broken by the pellet.

“We were really shocked. Yes, it has made us more nervous,” said Denise Tabscott. “She was holding her little leg up and she lay down and started crying. It’s a kid or an adult being cruel, mean and taking aim at a family pet.”

Since then the cat has undergone delicate surgery to repair her bones.

Franklin police made a report and Tabscott said they interviewed neighbors, but so far there are no suspects.

“We are hoping someone has info, maybe heard a kid bragging about it or seen something,” she said.

For now, the family has posted wanted posters around their community, hoping to raise awareness and bring the shooter to justice.

The cat’s medical bills are over $2,000 and to offset the expense, the family has started a GoFundMe page with half the proceeds raised going to the Nashville Humane Society.

The family is also taking tips  via the email and #1-800-277-8919 code 1001.