News 2 follows area growth in our Nashville 2019 reports and downtown Nashville is expanding again, this time with a new luxury hotel. 

It will be the first Four Seasons Hotel in Tennessee. The closest Four Seasons right now is in Atlanta. 

The building will be around 40-stories, standing at 542-feet tall.  

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Butch Spyridon with Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp says he doesn’t really think the downtown area needs any more hotels, but like it or not, more are coming. 

He said, “I think we have enough hotels but there are 5000 under construction. The 5-star level and the location are a good addition for Nashville. There’s one 5-star hotel in the entire state, The Hermitage Hotel. We should assume there’s room for two. And another hotel means more money trickling into Nashville through tourism.”

“It definitely, by its location, fits into the room block opportunity within the convention center. And I’ll use the example, we do real well in medical meetings. Well, when you get a lot of doctors to come to town, some willing to spend a little more money than others, having a second five-star opportunity is good for Nashville,” Spyridon told News 2. 

Construction is set to begin on this 236 room 5-star Four Seasons hotel next month at 151 First Avenue South. It’s being built close to the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge between Demonbreun Street and Broadway. 

Spyridon said, “It’s going to connect to the bridge. So another enhancing feature of the project. It’s well thought-out, it’s a good location. I’m not an advocate of more hotels right now but we still have niches to fill and that’s one of them. It does a good job in that area.” 

More than 140 private residences are expected, in addition to the 236 hotel rooms. 

It will be a LEED Gold, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and when construction is complete, it will be one of the state’s greenest and tallest residential buildings! 

The way Nashville’s growing, this might not be the last five-star hotel you see downtown. 

“Right now, the way this hotel market is moving, I would take nothing off the table. They keep coming,” said Spyridon. 

Construction will begin in April and is expected to take a couple of years. 

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