Former nurse and ex-con arrested on major drug charges in Cheatham County


CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Cheatham County drug officers take a major dealer off the street. While doing so, they also arrested his girlfriend, a suspended nurse who has a history with drug abuse.

This story begins on August 26th, around 11 pm, during a Peagram traffic stop.

Sgt Jeremy Ethridge pulled over an SUV for speeding and quickly determined there were problems.

On his body camera, you hear him ask the driver, “What’s your driving history like?”

The driver, John Shively says, “I had a DUI like 6 years ago, something like that.”

Sgt Jeremy Ethridge immediately suspects drugs, smelling the odor of marijuana in the car.

He leans in the window and tells the couple this, “I’m going to be real with you and I want you to be real with me. Honesty goes a long way with me. Honesty will keep you from going to jail tonight. Where’s the marijuana at?”

The driver is 39-year-old John Shively, a man who later confesses to having spent time in prison.
The woman in the passenger seat is 39-year-old Lesley Ann Kinnis. She has meth and pot in her purse, according to the arrest paperwork.

In the video, the Sgt. asks for the pot, and she hands it to him.

Once the suspects are secured, a search of the car reveals, 3 pounds of pot, a pound of cocaine, and meth in the passenger’s purse.

Agents go to Shively’s home and find more contraband, including 6 pounds of meth, 1000 THC cartridges, and more than a 1000 Xanax pills.

Sheriff Mike Breedlove calls Shively a major drug dealer.

Sheriff Mike Breedlove says, “He is the real deal. The example of the ones we have to get off the street.”

In the arrest video, you hear Shively talk to the officer.

Shively: I don’t know about the meth man.I guess that it is what it is.
Officer: I know that is what it is.
Shively: Look, man, she’s a nurse and she was trying to get her nursing license back.

News 2 has learned that Lesley Kinnis was a registered nurse, but her license was suspended.
According to the State Dept of Health, her license was suspended after patients suspected she was high and she tested positive for drugs in 2018.

Mike Breedlove says, “She was a professional at one time in her life who cared about people who were sick and
it is unfortunate she has gone down this road with this dreaded disease this dreaded opioid epidemic we are encountering.”

Mr. Shively is currently in jail charged with a slew of drug offenses. Kinnis she bonded out of jail.

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