Former cell mate calls suspected killer Steven Wiggins 'weird'

CHARLOTTE, Tenn. (WKRN) - A man who slept in the same jail cell as the person suspected of murdering a Dickson County Sheriff's Deputy says he can't believe he was so close to an accused killer. 

Charles Montes spent time in the Dickson County jail last spring for a probation violation. Steven Wiggins was in jail during that time and the Dickson County Jail administrator confirms the two were housed in the same pod for one night. 

"I saw him everyday, slept in the same cell with him," said Charles Montes. 

Montes says he didn't think much of Wiggins when he first met him. 

"He was weird," Montes remembers and says he played Dominos with him a few times. 

"He didn't say much but you know, all he kept talking about was girlfriends, girlfriends, girlfriends."

Montes served his 24 days and was released, not thinking too much about Wiggins until he saw him on the news a few weeks ago. 

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"Oh my God, it freaked me out cause I was telling my wife, 'I did time with him, you know.' It kind of scared me because I would not think anyone would ever do that to a cop," said Montes. 

Law enforcement officers from across Middle Tennessee searched for Steven Wiggins for nearly 48 hours. He was wanted and later admitted to murdering Sergeant Daniel Baker. 

While watching the coverage of the search for Wiggins and his eventual capture, Montes says he was praying for Sergeant Baker's family. 

"I am so sorry for the family. My heart goes out. My family prayed for them everyday that they would catch him," said Montes. "My heart goes out to the family, the friends and the cops and everybody."

Wiggins is being kept in the Davidson County Jail and faces a dozen charges. If convicted, he could get the death penalty. 

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